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When we go on vacation, there are some people who like to wing it and just go with the flow, choosing things to do as the fancy takes them. However, there are also those who enjoy going through the various options, daydreaming about each one, then slowly putting together an itinerary so they can turn those dreams into reality. Well, for those of you in the latter category, we here at MTN Vacation Rentals are more than happy to help you on your journey to planning the perfect vacation. After all, we don’t just know about the big tourist attractions, but all those more subtle things that truly make a vacation great. For instance, if you are seeking a quiet and relaxing vacation, we can tell you which beaches are the best for such an excursion, while we also can tell you which restaurants and bars are pet friendly should you have a furry companion with you, and even which areas are good to bring the family and little ones. So, feel free to give us a call and together with the concierge services in La Paz we’ll plan a vacation to be envied!